It ALL starts with your Knowledge Artifacts
We process all the markdown: READMEs, Pull-Requests, RFCs, etc.
Knowledge is knowing the unknown.
There is markdown everywhere in your repositories and you haven't even realized the potential.
We enable automatic packaging and delivery of onboarding and technical documentation available to your team. Built entirely on Markdown.
How It Works
Simply install our GitHub App and our automated onboarding process will help you get setup and completed
Install the gitBabel app on Github
We process all your Markdown
Complete our Onboarding Wizard
To get started
To get started
Common Questions
Does this look at my code?
Nope! Though we have access to your code, we NEVER source or process the code. We only source markdown.
Who has access to my docs?
Currently only memebers of your Github organization can be invited and only those with write permissions can modify configurations. We are working on integrations to Google and Microsoft to allow non-github users to have guest/viewing access.
How are you different than static-sites like Jekyll, NextJS, or Docusarus?
First, each project or team ends up managing their own deployment for each static site...
Do you work with MonoRepos or MicroService archiectures?
At our core we span across multiple organizations and repositories so microservices are what we were built to handle. But our workflows and automations can be configured granularly for even mono-repo architectures.
Can we host on-premise? And are you inner operable with Github Enterprise?
Yes! We offer on-premise plans and are built entirely on open-source technology, allowing deployments on any cloud-infastructure with the same reliability as our cloud offering.

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