Make every developer a 10X Rockstar
Create automated learning and onboarding curriculum straight from your git repositories
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About our platform

gitBabel is the first developer platform focused on team collaboration and continuous learning that will redefine how engineering teams grow and scale. By installing our github app our platform can automatically source and ingest your repositories identifying your architectures, pull-requests, and readmes to create personalized onboarding and learning for your team.

JAMStack Powered
GraphQL enabled and inner-operable with the JAMStack eco-system.
Code & Docs Sync
Markdown is everywhere keep it updated and organized is crucial for your team
Reduce Engineering Onboarding
Save time, build faster together, lasting learning cultures for your team
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Hi! From the founder
I'm Morgan, the creator of gitBabel. I've spent 20 years building, hiring and managing engineering teams. The teams that are most successful are the ones that foster learning cultures. My mission is to build the ultimate developer platform to transform your engineering organization.