Engineering Apprenticeship — 2021
Part-Time / Remote / Unpaid

About Our Apprenticeship

Our unpaid apprenticeship program is focused on rounding out the skills for entry level developers that don't yet have experience working on real problems that span across multiple repositories (microservices), using event-architectures and complex git-workflows.

Because our platform is focused on collaboration and learning we are an ideal place for an apprenticeship as our product is being purpose built for this stage of the developer journey. Our program is focused on giving you the confidence and a solid foundation to working as a developer to prepare you for your first job.

Our apprenticeship requires a 3-month commitment, and for some we offer an extension of 6-months if they want to stay longer.

Areas of Focus — What you will learn.

  • Being comfortable pair-programming and writing code in front of others.
  • Exposure to GraphQL - we use Apollo GraphQL.
  • Testing Patterns for both front-end and back-end systems.
  • Microservice Architectures.
  • Working in a team environment — Pull-Requests & Advanced Git.
  • Inner workings of Github and Github-Actions.
  • Documentation Strategies to improve your learning / process.

How it works

The apprenticeship is structured as an unpaid part-time role requiring 10/hrs a week of work.

We start the week with a standup and assigning one-coding assignment. And typically end the week with a grooming session

You will work individually on the assignment. At first we don't expect coding assignments to be completed on your own. There will be scheduled and ad-hoc paired-programming sessions to help you get started and through your first handful of assignments.

By the end of the apprenticeship you should be able complete assignments on your own.

There will be scheduled office hours, these are opportunities to ask questions about your current assignment or provide feedback on Bring-Your-Own-Project (BYOP) and ask questions. This could be anything from your personal portfolio site or some portfolio project you are developing.

You're a match if you,

  • Able to commit 10 hours a week to the program for at least 3-months.
  • Are interested in working with NodeJS, ReactJS, and GraphQL.
  • Believe in code as craft; at gitBabel, we write tests, scalable code, with a passion for documentating everything that is meaningful.
  • Are comfortable with all things Markdown.
  • Have a desire and passion to learn, and recognize this as an opportunity to learn and grow.

How Many Apprentice Will There Be?

This is our second run of the program. We will be accepting only 1 apprentice for this current cohort.

How To Apply?

You can apply by completing our application form.